Workers for Jobs.
Jobs for Workers.

LETTER: Yes on R to clean up Constitution

If you have not looked at a ballot for this election, you will find many issues to vote on. The very first issue should be Amendment R and a very easy decision.… more ➚

Please vote YES on Amendment R

In 1980, I graduated from Lake Area Technical Institute after receiving an excellent education from dedicated instructors. The skills I learned there led to a job in my chosen profession and laid the foundation for further education. That’s why I have closely followed and support the campaign to pass Amendment R in South Dakota.… more ➚

RTEC Could Benefit From Am. R Passage

Local officials are hopeful for the passage of Constitutional Amendment R because of its potential to help Yankton’s own RTEC.… more ➚

Gov. Daugaard: Amendment R is important for SD techical institutes

The amendment simply states that the State Legislature may determine governance of the technical institutes. It does not change the technical institutes, and it doesn’t mandate any change. It will allow the legislature to consider these issues without the threat of a legal battle.… more ➚

Dr. Lesli Jutting and Mike Cartney: Vote Yes on R

We, the LATI president and the superintendent of schools, urge you to please vote yes on Amendment R.… more ➚
The Problem
Right now many South Dakota industries are facing a critical shortage of skilled workers – they are starving for more of these specialized and well-trained employees – which has cut into their ability to grow and has had a negative impact on our economy.

Today, job focused education is more important than it has ever been. While South Dakota has some of the finest technical institutes in the nation, they are limited in their ability to respond to business demands, in part, because of an awkward governance structure. Unfortunately, the state's constitution has never been updated to reflect the status of technical schools in our education system. The current constitutional language does not reflect the unique requirements for educating a technical workforce.
The Solution - Amendment R
The needs of our technical schools are unique and should be a prime focus for funding and program development. As South Dakota's principal means for educating and training skilled workers, the technical institutes must be recognized as a distinct education and training system.

Amendment R positions the technical schools to better promote their unique educational offerings and receive necessary support to provide South Dakota's industries with the skilled employees they need.

Amendment R enables solid relationships between businesses who need skilled workers and students who are looking for specialized jobs.

Amendment R means more workers for jobs and more jobs for workers and that equals a better economy and a better South Dakota.
Vote Yes on R
  • Employers will have an easier time finding specialized workers with the right skillset.
  • More students will have access to programs that bring them immediate employment.
  • Technical institutes and career education programs will have direct access to government decision-makers for support and funding.
  • Amendment R improves communication and support among the career and technical education schools and their governing body.
  • As workers fill positions that would otherwise have remained empty, South Dakota's economy grows.
Support for R
In November 2014, a number of industry leaders throughout the state organized the Skilled Workforce Advocacy Council (SWAC) to try and fix the problem. They have worked with the legislature and Governor and are supporting the Constitutional Amendment initiated by House Joint Resolution 1003 from the last legislative session.

The Amendment passed unanimously through committee and, but for one vote, on both floors of the legislature. The Technical Institutes, the Board of Regents, industry and business leaders, the Governor's Office, and members of the state education system all testified in favor of the amendment. The wording of the amendment was drafted in a coordinated effort between the Board of Regents, the Technical Institutes, legislative leadership and the Governor's office.

SWAC sees this as the best way to bring the necessary support to businesses in need of a skilled workforce.

Supporters of Amendment R
  • Aberdeen School District
  • Huron School District
  • Lake Area Technical Institute
  • Madison School District
  • Mitchell School District
  • Mitchell Technical Institute
  • Rapid City School District
  • Sioux Falls School District
  • Southeast Technical Institute
  • Watertown School District
  • Western Dakota Technical Institute
  • Yankton School District

Professional Organizations
  • Mitchell Chamber of Commerce
  • Mitchell Development Corp.
  • Rapid City Development Corp.
  • Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce
  • Focus Watertown
  • Watertown Chamber of Commerce
  • South Dakota Assoc. of Career and Technical Education
  • Aberdeen Development Corp.
  • Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce
  • Yankton Area Progressive Growth
  • South Dakota Telecom Assoc.
  • Aberdeen Development Corp.
  • South Dakota Homebuilder's Assoc.
  • South Dakota Associated General Contractors, Highway
  • South Dakota Automobile Dealers Assoc.
  • South Dakota Trucker's Assoc.
  • Pierre Economic Development Company
  • Pierre Chamber of Commerce
  • Watertown Home Builder's Assc.
  • U.S. Home Builder's Assc.
  • SD Rural Electric Association Managers
  • Black Hills Home Builder's Assc.
  • South Dakota Ready Mix/Concrete Assc.
  • Home Builders of the Sioux Empire
  • Forward Sioux Falls
  • Contractors PAC of South Dakota
  • SD Associated General Contractors Associates Division
  • South Dakota Association of Cooperatives
  • Rapid City Chamber of Commerce
  • Huron Development Corporation
  • Yankton Chamber of Commerce
  • South Dakota Electrical Utility Companies Committee
  • Watertown Development Company
  • South Dakota Rural Electric Association
  • South Dakota Association of Human Resource Managers

  • Agropur, Inc.
  • Applied Engineering
  • Arc Fabricators
  • Arndt-Bell/Bell Incorporated
  • Auto Doctor
  • Avera Health
  • Aviation Mfg Group, Inc.
  • Baldwin Filters
  • Big Sioux Power Sports
  • Billion Motors
  • Black Hills Corp.
  • Bon Home Yankton Electric
  • Brooks Construction
  • Buck's Electric
  • Butler Caterpillare
  • BX Civil & Construction
  • Carbase, Inc.
  • Caterpillar
  • Central Electric Coop
  • Century Link
  • CHS Southwest Grain
  • CHS Northern Plains
  • CHS Midwest COOP
  • CHS Farmers Alliance
  • CHS Eastern Farmers COOP
  • Clay-Union Electric
  • Codington, Clark Electric
  • Concrete Materials
  • Courtesy Subaru
  • Daily Republic
  • Don Roby R&R Investments
  • East River Electric
  • Eartbend, Inc.
  • FEM Electric
  • First Premiere Bank
  • Fischer Rounds & Associates
  • Glacial Lakes Harley-Davidson
  • Glen Barber & Associates
  • Grand Electric
  • Great Western Bank
  • Harry K Ford Store
  • Hartley Transportation
  • Haugan-Nelson Realty
  • J&L Harley-Davidson
  • James Valley Telecommunication
  • Journey Group, Inc.
  • Kennebec Telephone Company
  • KMIT Radio
  • Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc.
  • KXLG Radio
  • L.G. Everist, Inc.
  • Malloy Electric
  • Marques Trucking, Inc.
  • McDonald's Hartshorn, Inc.
  • MFG, Inc.
  • Midcontinent Communications (MIDCO)
  • Midwest Railcar Repair
  • Mills Construction
  • Moreau Grand Electric
  • Muth Electric
  • Myrl & Roy's Paving
  • North Central Farmers
  • North Western Warehouse Co.
  • Office Peeps
  • Otter Tail Electric
  • Poet Bio-Refining Hudson
  • Poet Bio-Refining Mitchell
  • Prarie Lakes Hospital
  • Premier Bank Card
  • Prostrolo, Inc.
  • Puetz Corp
  • RC Technologies
  • Reliabank
  • RFA Engineering
  • Rice Honda
  • Rushmore Electric
  • Sanford Health
  • Santel Communications
  • SFC Civil Constructors
  • Soukup Construction, Inc.
  • South Dakota Network (SDN)
  • Steven Eddy Trucking
  • Trail King, Inc.
  • Transport Data Systems
  • Truxedo, Inc.
  • Union County Electric
  • Venture Communications
  • Valley Telecommunications
  • Vishay, Inc.
  • Von Wald & Assoc., Inc.
  • Watertown Public Opinion
  • West River Electric
  • Yankton Manufacturing Association
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